Very few times in life do you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a little gem. This little gem goes by the name of The Little Ghost Gallery. It lives on Coach Road, Dean St. Its latest offering is The Pen Pal Pairs exhibition. It is a young, fresh, innovative show void of all pretention and bursting with intuitive ideas in graf, illustration and photography.

A few months back the gallery, founded by local artist/prodigy Mick Minogue, started taking works from near 200 artists. They narrowed it down to 30 and paired them off with complete strangers restricted to traditional post only. The result? A hybrid of styles and ideals from two strangers who’ve never met but share one common passion.

The founders wanted them to cheat, to use facebook, to email, to meet. Its all documented on the wall along with the collaborations so you too can be apart of the journey, or non journey, as you get an insight in to who fell at the last hurdle, wasn’t bothered and also who excelled.

The space itself is a simple pretty gallery with beautiful décor which reflects the underdog, young feel of the work and adds to the atmosphere. The limited space is used to excellent effect and I cant help but feel that it was shamelessly overlooked as it sat shining on the fringes of a traditional art festival. I really think it is a case of watch this space for the up and coming gallery which will host only the best in illustration, street art, and video installation in new, fresh and interesting ways.

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