We will experience the Kilkenny Arts Festival for ourselves, exploring art from all cultures and media while expanding our capacity to interpret and evaluate art.

We will apply artists’ own techniques and ideas for ourselves as a group and as individuals.

We will communicate with all those involved in the Arts Festival (Artists, Curators, Organizers etc.) to help further our understanding of Art and the Festival as a whole.

We will critically acclaim or condemn the exhibitions in the Visuals Arts, Strand One and Two and the Theatre & Dance Strand.

We will create fresh, fun and innovative expressions of our opinions and responses to the work we see.

We will attempt to exterminate all flaws and weakness from art, to shape the art world in a positive manner.

We will expose our audience to our opinions and in doing so we will recommend exhibitions to our audience.

We will be daring!

We will have d’Craic!

We will sail to Byzantium!

We will not pay!


4 Responses to Manifesto

  1. James says:

    Thats an awesome manifesto!

  2. Maria says:

    I look forward to hearing all about the festival!

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